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Project M11 by downtheory Project M11 by downtheory
Alright, here is the first beta of M11. I hope you guys enjoy the work done so far. I have quite a bit more to do before it`s fully finished, but I`m getting there :).

This beta includes 8 wallpapers.
Not my work of course ;), so I take no credit for those. And will remove them or give proper credit should the need arise.

Thanks for viewing!
And since this is still in early stages, any and all comments/criticism is welcome. In the end this is for you guys as much as it is for myself.
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JADSONLOPES Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
a11ryanc Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Very cool theme. I personally would recommend using Obsidian-Cursor set with it as well. Looks cool with a black cursor imo…
dand2392 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
yout took that startbar/ taskbar from x3emes [link]
downtheory Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Sure did. :)

With permission, from the original creator at that.
Check the creds in the readme. It's all there.
I have the source files from the creator of that taskbar to prove it too.
dand2392 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
my bad ddnt kno u had permission
oojal Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
kristiiiijaniiii Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2011
How can i downloa?
MyArT-at-bEsT Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010
One of the best and most organized theme ive come across! Thanks
sargio01 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
I have no words! [link] Your job is faaantastic!!!!!
I want if you want too, to tell me where did you find the folder icon on the rocketdock. I WANT IT TOO!!!
Anyway keep walking, we are lucky when you work for us. thank you
KrizH Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010
love your theme, but how do i get the top bar?
downtheory Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
RocketDock - you can grab it here - [link]
Enjoy! :)
And thanks for the comment.
wabwob Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2010
how to download and apply this theme? im using windows vista.anyone? thnx :)
downtheory Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Drag the contents of the .rar file into:
C:\Windows\Resources\Themes (it helps to make a shortcut to this location).

Make sure you patch your uxtheme system files.
To do that, either download and use TuneUp! Utilites or VistaGlazz.
Google for either of them and you should be good.

There may be easier alternatives for patching the system files, but I`m out of the loop on Vista anymore... :)
PandoraGFX Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010
Great Job! Too bad I don't have a Windows Vista computer. Maybe I'll think of downgrading my Windows 7 since this theme is so cool!
downtheory Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Well you won`t have to go that far. :D

There was a user that went ahead and updated M11 to work with Windows 7.

You`ll have to search the Windows 7 visual styles section here to find it, I don`t have a direct link.

But in the near future, I`m going to update M11 for Win 7 properly. :)
robert1005 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
this theme works on xp? And if not, which m11's work?
downtheory Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
M11 only works on Vista.

But another deviantART user has recently updated M11, without my work on Windows 7.

So if you have Windows 7, go check it out. :D
robert1005 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010
XD i rly need a new pc, it's still running xp.
I have to edmit, that i still like xp

(sorry about my crappy Englisch, i'm not that good at it)
downtheory Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
I wouldn`t worry about your English, I understood you. :)

Yeah a new PC and Windows 7 is an amazing experience (for some).

If you`re looking and want a decent deal you should search around, quad cores are going for cheap prices nowadays.
robert1005 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2010
I'l do, hope i find a good one ;P

thanks very much, cya
stampychan Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
downtheory Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks. :)
I`m going to do a proper version for Windows 7 pretty soon. Keep an eye out for it, if you use or have Win 7.
kommionu Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
i got vindows vista home basic with no sp1...and it still looks like windows classic...
downtheory Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
I don`t believe this theme can work on Vista Home Basic.
AFAIK Vista home basic doesn`t have Aero transparency abilities.

Plus, you need to patch your uxtheme files.
VistaGlazz works fine, your should be able to find it on Google. :D

Without patching your system (uxtheme) dll files you cannot use visual styles, so that might also explain why all you see is the windows classic look.

Hope this helps out. :)

p.s. If after patching your system files and it still doesn`t show my VS, and still shows win classic, that means that either you don`t have an aero capable video card or that Home Basic doesn`t support aero features...
Gilthoniel123 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009
thanks ma8e ;p
downtheory Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
You`re welcome. :D
dafmat71 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thx, very great, i like particulary the startmenu!;-)
TheDonut92 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
I dl the file and i put it in the theme folder but when i go to apply the theme it makes the same as windows classic. please help this theme is amazing.
downtheory Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
Your uxtheme files aren`t patched that`s why it isn`t working for you.

You need VistaGlazz.
And you can get it here: [link]

Just install that do everything it says, reboot your pc then try to re-apply my theme and it should work for you. :)
hellboyenter Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2008
downtheory Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks I really appreciate the feedback. :)
Hopefully one day I`ll be able to release the next version of M11...
shashankshampi Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2008
plz help me i am using XP SP2 and not able to apply this theme. what is the process of applying theme in XP SP2. i do not know anything how to apply theme in xp help help help me
downtheory Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Sorry, this is for Vista only.
That`s the reason why it isn`t working for you.
And this is the Vista Skin section by the way. :D
hlbfairy Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008
Can someone tell me how to get the themes on my computer. I downloaded the file and its in my download file but I dont know how to get onto my computer. Can someone please tell me?
downtheory Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Please check out my gallery. There you will find a tutorial describing how to patch your uxtheme dll files and how to install Windows Vista themes.

If you need any help feel free to either email me, or leave another comment here. Or lastly, leave a comment on my profile.

Good luck. :)
hlbfairy Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008
I tried the tutorial that you had, but it still does not work. Dont know why? And dont know if I was doing anything wrong. I had a little trouble understanding it though. Ive never done anything like this before could you tell me how to do it in a more detailed way.

downtheory Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Not exactly sure I could go into more detail on it.

If you want to take the easy way out, which even I did last time :P, just download VistaGlazz and use it to patch your uxtheme files. It`s very easy. :)
Just make sure if you have Service Pack 1 installed for Vista, that you download VistaGlazzBeta3.
hasibjan Featured By Owner May 29, 2008
Hi, i am new with this,
Firts of all your work is great, i like it . But i hope u can help me with this,
I downloaded the theme and moved it to "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes".
but when i try to change my theme there is nothing.
i am currently using Windows Vista Ultimate . I really hope u can help me with this
Thank you for your time

downtheory Featured By Owner May 30, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Please feel free to check my profile, on the front page under "Recent Deviations" you will find a tutorial I wrote up that should help you out. If you can`t find it I will post a direct link. It should help you out greatly. I also advise you to download "Vista Glazz", run a Google search for it.

Hope this helps. :)
brenbob1 Featured By Owner May 20, 2008
my is being odd and difficult and im wondering if you can help... it's hard to explain but if you could give me an email address of some sort i would like to send you a screen shot of my desktop after i have switched to the M11 theme.
downtheory Featured By Owner May 21, 2008  Professional Interface Designer that email is also on my profile page as well, along with any other way you can get in contact with me. :)
metalmeister5582 Featured By Owner May 19, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful theme! Downloading it now! One of the best ones I've seen!
nate4548 Featured By Owner May 11, 2008
hi there,
I really Love your work!!!!
ive been looking for a theme that fits my needs for a very long time.

i just have one problem,
when i run internet explorer 7(my browser)
i have all my links on the top, and when i use your theme the text that states the name of each link is in black.
and so is the background color.
if you can give me a way to change that txt color I would greatly appreciate it.

downtheory Featured By Owner May 11, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot figure out how to change that.
It involves hexadecimal editing, and I have no clue what the code I need to change is.
Currently, I am researching this, so maybe when the final version is released that problem will be fixed.

I apologize for the inconvenience. :(

Thank you for the comment.
chasr123 Featured By Owner May 8, 2008
this looks like a great theme, but i cant get it to work. im pretty sure that i patched the files correctly, but idk. whenever i go to apply the theme it shows me windows classic. actually, it does that for every theme i try to install. any thoughts on whats wrong?
downtheory Featured By Owner May 8, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
You have the wrong uxtheme.dll files then.
Or those files could be corrupt.
What version of Windows Vista are you running?
SP1 or not?
chasr123 Featured By Owner May 8, 2008
umm, were would i find that. thats probably a stupid question, but when i go to system information all it says is that i have vista home premium. i already have vistaglazz and it says my files are patched, but the themes still dont work
downtheory Featured By Owner May 8, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
You can find it by right mouse clicking on "my computer" and then clicking "properties".
It should say Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 or something like that.
Hope that helps. :)

But if VistaGlazz worked for you then you don`t have SP1. I have no clue why it isn`t working for you. I`ll look in to it though.
chasr123 Featured By Owner May 12, 2008
yeah, so when i did that, it didnt say anything. then yesterday, under my updates list it tells me that i need to download sp1. yay. so afterword, everything is slightly tweaked, so i go to change everything back to what i want it to be, for example no tapping, cause i cant stand tapping. but i open vistaglazz to see what it says about my patch files, cause after i installed sp1 the full window aero look disapeared, and it told me that it wasnt patched yet. so i patched it. it turns my theme back to classic. i go to themes to try and change it back to aero, and it tells me that my *somename*.dll file stopped working due to some unknown error. after trying for forever just to get the theme menu to open with no success, i restored my system back before sp1 was installed to get my aero back and now i am going to install sp1 again. no themes for me i guess............. sigh
downtheory Featured By Owner May 13, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Wow. I hate to hear that you are having so many troubles.

But I want to let you know.
Before installing SP1 again, restore your uxtheme.dll files back to their original state.
You should still have the originals backed up.
Just go check "C:\Windows\System32\".
Once you get there, you should see something like "uxtheme.dll.vgorg" or something similar.
All you do is rename the current uxtheme files to whatever you want them to be,
and then rename the ones with "vgorg" or whatever at the end of them to their default names.
Then restart your PC and then go install SP1.
After that finsishes, you`ll need to re-patch your uxtheme files, but you may need to do that manually, do not use VistaGlazz.
Everything should be fine after all that.

Comment back if this worked. I want to help you get this problem solved.
Because I know you will love using Visual Styles as much as I do. :)
Once everything is sorted out.
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